Wednesday, May 04, 2011


F is for favourites...I know we shouldn't have them...everything and everyone should be equal...but being human "some pigs are more equal than others". Don't tell Bubbie Channah I said the word 'pig'/

I teach. I am a great teacher...a really great teacher. It's true. Ask anyone. I love teaching. When I was in first grade at Hugh Beaton Public School, my teacher asked me to help the kid next to me. So, from the age of five, I knew what I wanted to be. (Well, I also wanted to be an actress and a lawyer and for a few reckless moments, I even considered being a cowgirl.) And, I wanted to be a mommy and a bubbie and now I want to be a published writer. The list goes on.

What does all this have to do with favourites? Well, this year my students range from the age of six to seventy-seven. And, shhhh I do have a few favourites. I really love two boys who are in junior high...they know who they are. I love my three mentchen...three grandfathers who come together twice a week to learn English...they are amazing and make my day!!! I love a little girl who is in tenth grade who, last summer, cut her hair for the first time. It was long and thick and reached to her waist. She cut it off so that wigs could be made for other little girls who are sick with cancer!!! We all love this little girl. I love a religious lady whose native tongue is Yiddish, and fills my heart with peace. She is a special lady. I guess, I love them all. And since I love them, I think they love me too.

Well, in order to get these people talking, I began discussing favourite things with them. Simple, one word answers. And entire conversations evolved.

Here are some of my favourites:
My favourites:
-day is Friday...Friday afternoon when everything is ready for shabbat and we go have a little shloffie in the afternoon.
-flower...lily of the valley
-writer...Shakespeare...Daniel Silva...Jodi Picault...JJ Robb...and the other 47 authors whose books are on my shelf waiting to be read...sigh (kindle here I come)
-movie...Rocky Horror, Some Like it Hot, Close Encounters of the Third Kind
-TV...I'm a little stuck on reality shows...Survivor...Big Brother...American Idol...and the Israeli versions
      ...The Good Wife...Breaking Bad
-music...everything BUT jazz
-perfume...Bill Blass...Pleasures by Estee Lauder
-meditation...reading Psalms
-people...people who have a sense of humour...who are kind...who are all know who you are
and finally I love clowns...Pagliacci...everyone knows that the clown is the saddest person in the circus

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


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