Monday, August 14, 2006


Well it is now ninety-five minutes since the ceasefire. Quiet. Ahhhh. The brave people up north are beginning to peek their noses out of the fallout shelters. The birds are back chirping and singing. The sun is shining. We survived.

So how come I’m not happy? How come I have a feeling of dread like a cloud over me?

Easy. We just set the stage for the next one. If you believe that we will now have peace with our northern neighbours, then I have a bridge to sell you.

The talking heads are asking if we lost. Of course not! We didn’t lose because we didn’t begin. We kinda waded into the water. Checked it out. And then, just before the whistle blew, weracedlikehell for the other side.

Idiots! Now how exactly do they want us to get back to our side? Again with our tails between our legs like when we ran away in 2000?

Now that’s a great picture to show your enemy who only, but I mean only respects strength.

‘Mr. Nasrallah, sir. Please hand over all your weapons. Oh, and while you are doing that, we would appreciate a complete list of all your terrorists and where they are hiding. Thank you, you’re a sport.’

Who are we kidding? Oh, and get this. Kofi Annan is now going to run the show. That mamzer who hates us.

Did you know that our Kofi has three Jewish children? Yup, he does. How is that possible?

‘Mr. Annan is married to a woman, Nane Annan, who comes from the top capitalist circles in Sweden, and she is herself also of Jewish ancestry, backing to the early 19th century.

Check her out on Google.

‘Nane Annans mother, Mrs. Nina Lagergren, was a sister to the acclaimed Swedish diplomat from the industrialist and banking Wallenberg clan, Mr. Raoul Wallenberg, a man hailed in the Zionist Press for his actions in Hungary during the Second World War when he was supposed to have helped tens of thousands of Jews escaping the Nazis.
‘Mr. Raoul Wallenberg´s - and thus also his sister Nina Lagergren´s (Nane Annans mother´s) - Jewish roots are also hailed in the Judisk Krönika, nr.4-1985, which writes that Raoul Wallenberg "is the sondaughterdaughterson of the [Jewish] Germanborn banker och industryman etc, Michael Benedicks. This long neglected fact that Raoul Wallenberg had Jewish ancestry does not in any way downplay his desperate struggle to save the surviving remnants of the Hungarian Jews".

Can’t you see their Pessach Seder? It boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

‘Shalom, Kofi, boychik. I’ll bring the gefilteh fish. Sure it’s kosher. Right from the Sea of Galilee.’

I mourn with the families who are mourning. I pray for the fast recovery of our wounded. I think we just sealed the fate of our kidnapped soldiers.

And I fear that our idiot government just set us up for Act Two. With G-d’s help it
won’t be Act Three.

Have a great day…stay safe…and thanks for dropping in.


At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Carol said...

Hello my friend,
With all the talk about who won and who lost, I keep thinking about the location of the IDF when the ceasefire was implemented. Seems to me if Israel was the loser the IDF wouldn't have been camping by the river Litani, some 20 miles inside southern Lebanon!
The IDF didn't lose, they just didn't finish!
I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sick of seeing all the pictures of the Lebanese returning to their bombed-out homes, crossing bombed-out bridges. WHAT ABOUT HAIFA??? WHAT ABOUT THE DESTRUCTION OF HOMES IN HAIFA?? WHAT ABOUT ISRAELIS WHO HAVE BEEN HOLED UP IN BOMB SHELTERS FOR WEEKS, TRYING TO FIND SOME KIND OF NORMALCY ??? The media sucks!
Stay safe my friend. Don't let the singing birds lull you into a false sense of security. It ain't over....unfortunately.
Well, I've got to go scream at the T.V. some more.
Shalom & hugs,

At 9:40 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

thanks too...did you see the picture the washington post published?...i think it was the post...picture was cut off after washington...anyway there was this poor man wailing and pointing at the dead bodies of his family covered in sheets...but the last one hadn't quite finished adjusting his sheet and was still sitting up...i called that one 'dead man walking'...but they published it, didn't they??? shame shame shame on them...stay safe my dear friend and thanks for writing....


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