Friday, August 11, 2006


Once upon a time there was a virus. A very dangerous, bad virus. And it killed people. And there was no cure. So, if you, G-d forbid, got this virus you were a gonner.

But the world wasn't worried. Why? Because the lethal germs only infected gays. And most of the decent, straight, people tsked tsked, but did nothing.

I mean, hey, they're gays. They're, you know...gays.

And best of all, we aren't. And we can't get it. We're heteros. There's no way that we can get those germs.

And everyone breathed a sigh of relief. We're safe. And some even thought that those sick people deserved it because...well, because they're, you know...gays.

And most of the decent, straight, people tsked tsked, but did nothing.

Then one terrible day a hetero got it. AIDS. A hetero got it. And the whole world panicked. And the whole world pooled their resources, and joined hands and began an international fight to wipe out this virus that was threatening to kill them all off.

And together they found a way to save the gays and in so doing found a way to save themselves.

Twenty years later there was a terrorist. A very dangerous, bad terrorist. And he killed people.

But the world wasn't worried. Why? Because the terrorist was only killing Jews. And not all, but most of the rest of the world tsked tsked, but did nothing.

I mean, hey they're Jews. They're, you know...Jews.

Most fairy tales begin with 'Once upon a time' and I'm afraid that unless the entire world unites to fight off the threat of terrorism then our little story will end with Allah Hu Akbar...which I don't think translated means, 'And they all lived happily ever after'.

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


At 11:54 PM, Anonymous neshie said...

Dear Marallyn,

I quote you so often - we are the appetizer and the rest will be main
course. With each passing day it is getting scarier and scarier and the
pity of it is that people don't listen (and is that because they don't
care?). By thwarting this planned massacre in the U.K., I hope the whole
plot has been totally thwarted, but I strongly don't believe that. I also
noted that the U.K cannot refer to these mishahgoyim (crazies) as Moslems,
Islamic fascists, etc. Can you imagine........oh what's to talk!

I pray for a quick resolution of the mishagoyimin Israel is presently
dealing with and that they get the job done in a safe and timely fashion, I
pray the for safe return for all our men who are so vigorously defending the
State of Israel, I pray for the young men that were kidnapped that they be
returned to their loved ones and I pray for all the citizens of Israel to
have a safe life and to return to a sense of normalcy whatever that be for
all of you living in the holy land.

I recently read on the internet how Israel is in dire need of volunteers to
work in the south, to help fill the void of the soldiers in their routine
daily work and to work where needed. For those of us in the diaspora who
cannot physically volunteer, the only way we can volunteer is with our
pockets as most of know.

Stay safe to you and yours. I think of you so often and please G-d with the
New Year coming, let's hope and pray that by that time, if not before, there
will be peace.

Love you.


At 12:00 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

dear dear neshie...thank you so much for writing...there is so much going on here...little things that you don't think about...the boys went to war with a small bag on their after four weeks they don't have underware...sock...towels...oh they have them but not clean just don't walk away from a war to take a shower...what a luxury a shower becomes...and how about all the water we are pouring out to put out the fires?...and the fruit and vegetables are dying in the fields and on the one to pick them...not with rockets flying...who knows what a tomato will cost in a couple of months...but what how can we think of that when our boys are fighting for their lives...i thank you from my heart for all your love and means more than you will ever know...and i know what all of you over there are doing for all of us over here...and on behalf of all of us i say THANK YOU...stay safe...shabbat shalom...loveyou, mar

At 3:12 AM, Anonymous Ricky said...

A couple of weeks ago, a non-Jewish 'friend' asked me "Why everyone (including her?) hates the Jews?" I smiled and said, "Well, you know, we lie, we're evil and we make our bread out of innocents Christian children's blood!" I then turned to the person on the other side of me and made some mundane comment. The woman, to whom I'd made the first comment, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "You're kidding, right?". Okay, I excused her. She's non-Jewish and DEFINITELY, doesn't 'get it'. However the two Israeli women who are being anti-semitic/Israel should be sent north, WAY NORTH, into "that other land'...that's where they and their ilk belong. You, in the meantime, just keep on delivering your intelligence and wit...someone just might notice and "get it"!!! I get IT and YOU! Love you oodles...toodles...STAY SAFE!


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