Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Q is for  ?

I have been thinking for days about what to write for the letter Q.
I could write about the Queen. As a former Canadian and member of the Commonwealth, I have to admit I love the Queen and all the Kings and Queens of England. I read about them, I watch the series about them on TV, I was inside Buckingham Palace!!! You want to talk about fancy-shmancy???

But, no. Q is not for Queen.

Quincunx! I bet you never heard that word before. It's an astrology term referring to a 148-152 degree aspect between two planets. For example my Moon in  Pisces is exactly 150 degrees away from my Mars in Leo. AHA, you say! What does that tell you about me? It means that my need for security doesn't jive with my need for excitement and spontaneity. So now you know. I'm touchy and territorial and a rotweiller when it comes to my family especially my babies. And, sometimes people can take advantage of me. I always said that anyone can screw me once, but if they do it a second time it's my fault.

So, if you have a quincunx in your chart, it simply points out stuff you have to work on. You don't know and wanna know...write me, I'll tell you.

Quilt! As you know, I knit, I crochet, and the world is my canvas...aka I talk a lot. But, I've always wanted to make a quilt. Close your eyes and say the word Quilt. What do you see? I see a bunch of ladies sitting around an old table someplace on the Prairies, tired from all the work they had to do that day. Each one has an old thimble on her finger and is busy making a quilt for someone in their community. Quilting is friendly. It is useful. It is warm and comforting. It is real...not like the store-bought down comforter I have.

Now, I don't want you to feel sorry for me. I have a million afghans that both I and Bubbie Channah made. I have summer ones and winter ones and this kind of a pattern one and that kind of a pattern one. We all do. Walk into my kids' rooms and there are Bubbie Blankets! But a Quilt...sigh. My friend Guila makes quilts. She make hu-ha gorgeous quilts. She makes quilts for babies and quilts for beds and quilts for walls and as they say in Hebrew...rir yored li...I salivate with envy at her talent and patience. Bravo!!!

That brings me back to my Question marks. Questions are good. Little kids ask them without end. They ask them just for making conversation and they ask them for information. They ask them without shame and I love their freedom.

Once, when my oldest grandson, Sweetsie Tootsie was about two and a half, I was at their place. It was dark out already and suddenly we heard fireworks. Here is the conversation we had as we ran from window to window looking for the flashes in the sky.

SweetsieTootsie:Bubbie, what's that?
ME: I think it's fireworks.
S.T: Let's look for them. (He grabbed my hand and we ran. But we couldn't see anything.)
S.T:Bubbie, I know exactly what that is. (He said pointing his little finger at me.)
ME: You do?
S.T: Yes! It's a party in the sky for the Rabbi from Lubovitch! (My religious kid was in a Chabbad nursery school. I cried. Tfu in your eye Hitler!)

See, everyone is so busy looking for answers that sometimes we forget the important thing is to know what questions to ask.

So, here's my question for the day: How's by you?

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


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