Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why Waste Calories on a Stuffy Nose?

Today is my birthday. Thank you. The reason I mention it at all is that my friends and I usually celebrate the same way every year. We all go out to eat. One evening it’s family, then another time it’s this group of friends, and then another. Any opportunity to get us all in a restaurant where I don’t have to cook and clean up is great by me.

And everyone pays for him/herself. That way no one fights. ‘On my birthday we went to el cheapo…on yours you took us all to de luxo.’ Nope, no problems at all, in that department.

But by last Friday I knew I was in trouble. Started off with a little stuffy nose…worked its way down to that burning in your chest where if you still smoke you want to kill yourself. Remember that cough? Then it moved back up where it made itself at home in my sinuses. Not my favourite look. You know the red-rimmed nostril look? That goes with the hacking cough? And no matter how hard you try the cough is somehow stronger than your bladder control? You men don’t get it and to all you women out there, you know what I mean.

Needless to say I have not been a happy camper these past couple of days. And then it was big decision time…to go out or to postpone. Hmmmm, the choices, the choices.

This year I opted to postpone. I mean what good is eating all that food if you can’t taste it? And besides, if I give this cold to you how am I going to be sure you won’t decide to give it back to me? I mean, what are friends for?

So for the time being I am staying home, drinking fancy herbal tea and my little pieces of toast and pretending that it’s something outrageously fattening and exotic.

Hope you have a great day…stay safe…thanks for dropping in.


At 10:04 PM, Anonymous the guv said...

Amazing! You have reached a level of maturity that I can only DREAM of. Imagine... NOT eating when you're sick and can't taste a thing. Must be because you are now firmly anchored in your 6th decade. I can only hope that when I eventually reach your age, I will be automatically blessed with your wisdom. Until then, I probably will eat through anything and everything. At any time.

Happy Birthday, Kahnahkahwahsagah !!
[ That's Mohawk for, " Old Woman who has lost her mind, her taste buds, and, if she had them to begin with, her balls".]
The Guv


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