Monday, June 03, 2013


I would buy this! I would wear this. This is me! Or it was...

As some of you know, I started knitting at seven because my mother, Bubbie Channah A'H told me in Yiddish that you couldn't sit with idle hands. I made my first real sweater that year.

And, I have been knitting ever since. But ever since Bubbie Channah passed away I can't sit down and knit. We used to have so much fun. She would work on her project and I would work on mine. She would sew the invisible seams and add the hand made buttons and I would praise her for doing an amazing, fabulous job.

It isn't fun anymore.

I have made a couple of blankets and baby blankets, but it isn't the same. She isn't there telling me to pull out a row or what colours to choose. She isn't there to praise my work and kiss me.

I still have a house full of knitting and crocheting needles and a closet full of wool. 

My excuse right now is that it's too hot (AND IT IS) to knit. 

Let's try again in the fall.

But isn't that a gorgeous pendant? I would wear that and I would buy it if I ever saw it in a shop. of the many hats I wear.

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


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