Monday, July 30, 2012


Do you have a favourite number? Sure you do! When I start speaking English with my students we play 'what's your favourite'. Like what's your favourite day of the week, fruit, vegetable, movie etc and every one of them has a favourite number...from my kids in first grade to my oldest student who is 77!

Mine used to be 3.
I liked 3. I have liked three forever!
Until one day 7 appeared. Everything added up to seven. My house number is apartment is 34=seven. Seven.

In astrology every planet and therefore every sign has a number. My Ascendant is Scorpio=9 (3x3); my Sun  is in Cancer 2 and my Moon is in Pisces 7! (7+2=9)

I like seven. It suits me. Now 3 is Jupiter which stand for luck so I'm not getting rid of that three so fast. So maybe I can be mystical seven plus lucky three! Works for me!!!

Here are the numbers if you want to see who you are:

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Miriam Drori said...

Yes: twenty-five! I was born on the 25th, made aliya on the 25th and when I was 25 I lived at number 25.

At 8:54 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

yay miriam!!! wow!!! and another seven!!! miss you...been really hectic here...lets talk and try to meet

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous sharon said...

Sharon Very interesting. This "6" is fond of 7 , but, in recent years, 5 seems to do it for me more. Think that I'll stick with both of them, if you don't mind.

At 1:48 PM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

ahhhhhhha sharon 6 suits you...and of course you like 7...why am i not surprised lol


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