Thursday, July 13, 2006

Up to Here in Terrorists

For those of you who have been reading my blog you know that I try to keep my sense of humour, no matter what.

But I don’t know how to keep it light when we are back in Lebanon and Gaza. The left-wing ‘makers and shakers’ promised that we would be much better off out of both places.

Well, I had no argument with that. My oldest spent months and months in Lebanon when he was regular army…paratroopers. I still have a picture of him on my shelf in the living room sitting in the snow with the hills of Lebanon all around him. A nice picture until you focus on the huge rifle casually resting on his knees.

We didn’t leave Lebanon and Gaza. We ran away. We snuck out in the middle of the night. We shlepped as much as we could carry and left the rest behind us. We abandoned the friends we made along the way and never looked back.

Well, I looked back. I wondered how that was going to make us safer than we were yesterday morning. I wondered what we had to gain by not waiting until an agreement was made…a safety measure was established.

They said that the faster we got out, the safer it would be for our soldiers who were in danger and dying while defending both places.

OF COURSE…EVERYONE KNEW THAT. I sent my son into that mess. I wasn’t one of those moms who said, “You go get ‘em, but my kid is going to sit in an office someplace in the center of the country.”

My daughter spent eighteen months wandering the streets of Jerusalem looking for and capturing women who were knifing civilians.

My youngest son was in intelligence and as he told me, “Ma, if I tell you what I’m doing, I’ll have to shoot you.”

No, I wasn’t sitting back and letting their sons and daughters face the danger. And their sons and daughters are mine too. But you understand the difference, as well as I do.

We are not dealing with normal people. We are dealing with people who have no value for life. Who send their neighbours’ children out to blow themselves out for the ‘glory of the cause’? Notice I said ‘their neighbours’ children’…they don’t send their own kids…that crazy they aren’t.

So today you will forgive me if I’m not funny and cute. I am furious that we now have a situation that is so much more dangerous because of decisions that previous governments made which affect all of us living here.

Gaza is a snake pit that is reproducing at a dangerous rate. We knew it. We walked away and let it happen.

The Hezbollah have thousands of katyushas and other long rage rockets they are just itching to fling at us. Rockets that can land anywhere including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and one reporter announced they can even hit the Negev.

Ok. So I never was in the army. I’m not a military genius. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that we are now ‘up to here in terrorists’ and that if we didn’t spawn them then at the least we didn’t dry up the pond they breed in.

As we sit glued to the television and radio and keep looking up at the sky, I pray that our boys and girls will all be safe. I pray that all the foreign governments will leave us alone this time so that we can finally do the job.

And more than that, I pray that our own government will finally do the job. If not…I don’t want to think of ‘if not’.

Have a good day…stay safe…and thanks for dropping in.


At 6:10 PM, Blogger Daisyima said...

Oy Marallyn, keep blogging and stay safe. And thanks for the pickles. And thanks for being our friend.
Ruth (aka Daisy Mum)

At 6:10 PM, Blogger Daisyima said...

And dear Marallyn, I now have a blog of my own - I think....

At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Chavah said...

You are so right! If the Israeli government does not act swiftly and decisively NOW, I'm afraid you will have lost this fight and ultimately, the war.
There are some major reality checks that must be made. #1) Giving up land to Arabs will not stop this war. Realize it is not about getting land. It's about erasing Jews from the earth. #2) Stop listening to what the rest of the world thinks. It's a waste of time and energy. THEY DON'T CARE!
They just want their oil supply to continue uninterupted. #3) Do not give up one more grain of sand, one more inch, one more acre, one more strategic vantage point. You are forsaking your rightful heritage and giving yourselves into the hand of the enemy. TAKE BACK THE LAND! That is your physical strength and protection. Do so quickly! #4) For goodness sake, get united! "A house divided will not stand". The Left-wing secularists are killing you with their compromises and lack of back-bone. #5) The "Two-States living side-by-side" concept will never work. The Arabs want it ALL
and don't want you anywhere near it.
Now I will go and continue to pray for the safe return of your young soldiers and wisdom for Mr Olmert
and the rest of your leaders. I will pray that President Bush now realizes the Arabs true intentions and starts supporting Israel's right to defend herself. I pray he will be brave enough to issue a warning to Syria & Iran to stay out of Israel's affairs. Someone has to stand up and say ENOUGH!!!

Standing with you,

At 8:16 PM, Anonymous maeshey said...

Dearest: How in God's name do you endure the way you do? It is people like you (not that there are any) who are the heroes as well. One tiny correction, if I may: It is not just the neighbor's kids that those psycho sub-humans send out. They send out their own children to be suicide whatevers and do it proudly. They showed one arab mother here on TV who was proud she sent 3 of her 4 sons to their suicide deaths and was training the youngest one "to follow in his brothers glorious footsteps"
Remember the Golda quote about lovimg their kids more than the hate us but they don't feel the way we do. Never will.
Oi, Marallyn, I worry so much about you and the family there. I do know You will all be protected but I worry nevertheless.

XO Maeshey

At 8:20 PM, Anonymous a loyal reader in jerusalem said...

Dear Marallyn -

I was angry yesterday and I'm even angrier today. Why are we - once again - at war? I know - no one is calling it a WAR - yet - but that's what it is - a war. We slunk out of the Lebanon in the middle of the night with our tails between our legs - and just look what has grown there - with no little help from Syria I might add. And against all rational thinking we pulled out of Gush Katif mistakenly thinking that once we left all would be "moonlight and roses". WRONG.

Where are our leaders? What are they thinking? I know that this may not be a politically correct thing to say but I believe - sad as it is to say it - that we just have to accept our poor kidnapped soldiers as consequences of war. [One of] our big mistake(s) was in dealing with the enemy for the release of Tennenbaum - an alleged criminal - and releasing thousands of prisoners. In fact - Khaled Meshal said just the other day that since we negotiated for Tennenbaum he expected us to negotiate for Gilad Shalit! The time has come for us to stop - stop negotiating, stop showing restraint, stop waffling - and stop listening to the rest of the world. Our lives are at stake here. Our soldiers are being kidnapped and killed. This is our country we are fighting for. I hope that Ehud Olmert and Amir Peretz have the guts to finish what they started. If we don't put our enemies out of action now they will be here to haunt us forever.

Believe me - I am crying for our poor soldiers and their families -- the ones who have been kidnapped - the ones who have been killed and the ones who are fighting for us. But we MUST end this now - before we lose our own lives and our Country.

A Loyal Reader in Jerusalem

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous the guv said...

can't even BEGIN to imagine what it is like to live like you. In the midst of all that mayhem and madness you have managed to retain your sanity ( Not to mention, your sense of humour ) and you are carrying on with life as best you can.

Yesterday, on your blog, I offered up a prayer for peace, and threw in a poem for good measure. I won't be doing that again today. Today, I am asking for the strength and wisdom to remember that, on the other side of Israel's troubled borders, along with the mothers of evil terrorists and hateful plotters , are mothers like Marallyn Ben Moshe. Mothers who feel impotent and frightened. Women who have given birth to children they want to keep from harm. Mothers who want to live long, peaceful lives surrounded by their healthy offspring. Today I am asking for the strength and wisdom to think compassionately of those unfortunate victims of war. And, I am asking our Greater Power to please put similar thoughts of understanding in their Arab mothers' heads as well.

The Guv


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