Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The other night I couldn’t sleep, and since the television was still on, I found myself watching the Discovery Channel. Nothing unusual in that. But, this time they were talking about the effects of global warming. Seems the general consensus is that by the year 2050 most of the world is going to be under water!

Not a happy thought, unless you’re a fish!

Enough of ‘gloom and doom’ I said to myself, and flipped to another channel. Biography. Nice. I like that channel too. Secrets in the Bible.

That’s more like it, I thought and settled in to learn something new.

So it goes like this. According to Jeremiah, who tried really, really hard to warn Israel that unless she gets her act together everyone was going to be sent to Babylon, we were all in deep trouble. But, (here comes the good part), we wouldn’t be left there forever. Nope, after seventy years we would be free. Of course, in those times that meant that maybe two entire generations would be stuck speaking Arabic. But let’s not get dwell on minor details…look at the big picture. What was it Martin Luther King, Jr. said? ‘Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty we are free at last!’

Happily, I watched and listened. Then the guy said something about chariots and flashes in the sky. Ok. Moses parted the Dead Sea; Lot’s wife turned to a pillar of salt; and now flashes. Hmmm.

But no! Our commentator couldn’t stop there. He went on to say, 'But how do we know that the flashes already occurred? Maybe we are talking about modern day Iraq, not the old Babylon.'

Sitting up taller, I listened. Then somehow we got to Revelations and to Ezekiel and wheels were rolling way in the middle of the air.

And if that wasn’t enough, he talked about some kind of catastrophe where three million people died/would die…dead. ‘And that dear readers can only happen if there is a nuclear explosion which means that the prophesy has yet to be fulfilled.’

Enough! I turned off the television and went back to my emails.

Then last night I got this ditty in my ynet online news for free. www.ynetnews.com
Dr Sayyed Mohammad Ali, an Egyptian astrologer predicts that ‘the year 2007 will mark the beginning of the countdown for the destruction of Israel, a process that will last seventeen years,’ he claimed.

Why am I writing all this, you ask? I’ll tell you. (But, you knew that already, didn’t you?)

Do I think we will all be under water in forty-five years? No. Well, at least, I hope not.

Do I think that there will be a nuclear explosion that will kill three million people? No. Well, at least I hope not.

And finally, do I believe this Egyptian astrologer? Him is a different matter. Egypt and astrology have been partners for a very long time.

Do I believe that events today will have a far reaching effect on the region in the next seventeen years? You bet your bippy I do.

See, that’s why I keep writing about the fornicators and the takers of bribe at the Temple. We have to get our act together really fast before someone up there starts shooting down bolts of lightning and taking back His pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night.

Yup, He just might get fed up enough with us that we end up strangers in a strange new place and, I for one don’t want my babies and their babies looking for an old familiar face. OY.

So, Jeremiah, tell me. Any ideas how we can get the people to wake up and make the changes that are necessary to keep us safe?

Jeremiah! Jeremi…

Have a great day…stay safe…and thanks for dropping in.


At 8:46 AM, Anonymous chavah said...

Hello my dear friend,
I just read your blog about Jeremiah. I attempted to tell you
about these things about 3 years ago. What it says in Jeremiah
and Revelations is absolutely going to happen! Everyday that I
hear the news, I see more scriptures being fulfilled. I believe
the Egyptian astrologer is even making sense in his predictions,
except that it won't go on for 17 years. When "the" peace treaty
is signed, there will only be 7 years of Jacob's Trouble. 3-1/2 years
of peace, then the treaty will be broken and the real blood
bath will take place during the next 3-1/2 years. Armegeddon then
happens at the end of this 7 years. Ezekiel 38 & 39, Zechariah, Daniel,
Jeremiah, Matthew and Revelations all foretell of these events. These
things are also reflected in the 7 Feasts of the Lord. The first 4 have already
been fulfilled in the natural here on earth. The next 3 have yet to be
fulfilled. Rosh Hashana is a picture of the rapture. Yom Kipper is a
picture of the atonement (cleansing) of the earth, and Tabernacles
(booths) is a picture of G-d living together with man on earth.
Isaiah 2:1-4 tells of how all the nations (what's left of them) will come
to Jerusalem to worship G-d in His Holy Temple on Mt. Moriah.
Gershon Salomon was just here for a fund raising visit, for the purpose
of rebuilding that Temple. That's how close the "end times" are.

We are living in very serious times. Millions of people are going to die
due to a nuclear holocaust. The Bible describes men whose eyes and
tongues burn out of their heads while they are still standing. That can
only be describing the effects of a nuclear blast. Ahmadenejad believes
he is the chosen one to bring about the world-wide confusion that will
usher in the return of the 12th Imam. This is why he is so bent on building
a nuclear bomb! Russia (who is in cahoots with Iran) is going to invade
Israel. All of the nations are going to come against Israel at this time.
You can see how that is possible because Israel is hated by all of the
European countries, Arab countries and Asian countries. America is
the only real ally of Israel, and I'm not sure America won't be eliminated
by a nuclear attack (from Russia) when this war against Israel occurs.

My precious friend, you mentioned recently that you didn't know why our
paths had crossed, but you felt there was a purpose. I too believe
our paths have crossed.....for a devine purpose. G-d loves you and
your family so much Marallyn, and He doesn't want you to perish. I believe
He sent me to you as a watchman on the wall, to sound the alarm and tell you
how you and your loved ones can be spared the horrors of the things to
come. Time is growing short. What Israel has to do to avoid this Tribulation,
she will not do, at least not until Messiah comes. Zechariah 12:9 & 10 says
"When that day comes, I will seek to destroy all nations attacking Yerushalayim,
and I will pour out on the house of David and on those living in Yerushalayim
a spirit of grace and prayer; and they will look upon me, whom they pierced."
They will mourn for him as one mourns for an only son; they will be in bitterness
on his behalf like the bitterness for a firstborn son. When that day comes, there
will be great mourning in Yerushalayim, mourning like that for Hadad-Rimmon
in the Megiddo Valley. Then the land will mourn.....".

Who is this whom all of Israel will look upon whom they pierced and mourn?
He is described in Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53. Because he came as a mere man,
rather than a King, the people considered him a reproach among men and
despised him. All who saw him sneered at him. They beat him until his
blood poured out like water and his bones were out of joint. His heart
melted like wax within him. His tongue was so dry, and they pierced his hands
and feet when they nailed him to the cross. They divided his garments and
cast lots for them. Surely he bore our griefs and sorrows. He was pierced
through for our transgressions. He was beaten for our iniquities. He was scourged
with a cat of 9-tails. He was the silent lamb, led to slaughter who did not open
his mouth to defend himself.

When this man was being nailed to the cross, the Feast of Passover was taking
place in all of Israel. The sacrificial lamb was inspected for 3 days to see if there
was anything imperfect about it. Then it was killed and pierced with a stake in the
shape of a cross, sacrificed for the sins of man. The man who was pierced through
and nailed to the cross, whose blood was shed for the sins of mankind was none
other than Yeshua. It was no accident that during his 3-day trial, they could find
no imperfection in him, just as the Passover lamb was inspected 3 days and no
imperfection was found in it. It was no accident that the lambs blood was shed
to cover the sins of man, just as Yeshua's blood was shed for the sins of mankind.
It was no accident that the Passover lamb was pierced through and fixed to the
stake in the shape of a cross, at the very moment Yeshua was being nailed to the
cross. The Feast of Passover was a picture provided by G-d of what was to
happen to the promised Messiah who came to take upon himself the sins of the
world. He is the worlds Passover lamb. Yeshua is HaMashiach, the promised

Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission for our sins. This
example was given in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned and G-d
sacrificed the life of an animal to cover their nakedness (sin). One life was traded
for another. That's what the Temple sacrifices were all about, because of
the sinfulness of man, so many animals had to be slaughtered because the blood
of animals wasn't sufficient enough to pay for man's sin. In G-d's mercy, he devised
a plan so that a man (equal to all men) could die once for mankind and
pay the price for sin once and for all. To accomplish this, He sent his only begotten
Son to be born of a virgin, who would be sinless and redeem the world of sin.

The only way to escape the punishment of sin and eternal death is through the blood
sacrifice of G-d's Son. This means we have to realize and understand that Yeshua
was the substitute for each one of us. He died in my place and he died in your place
(because the payment for sin is eternal death). Someone had to die to pay the
price for our sin. Because I have believed and accepted in my heart that Yeshua
is the Savior whom G-d sent as a gift to redeem me from sin and eternal death, I know
that my sins are covered by his shed blood and forgiven for eternity. This is what
is referred to as being "born again", as Jesus explained to Zacheus. He said that
"a man must be born of the water (at birth) and also born of the Spirit" (by faith in
Yeshua). Unless we are born again, we will not see heaven. Unless our sin is
covered by the blood of Yeshua, G-d cannot look upon us because He cannot
look upon sin.

Marallyn, I know this is a lot to digest in one e-mail, but G-d said the only way for a
person to escape His wrath that is to be poured out upon the earth is by
receiving the gift He provided us through the sacrifice of his Son. The reason G-d's
wrath is going to be poured out upon the earth is because people rejected this gift
and continue on in their selfish, sinful ways, being their own G-d and rejecting His
laws. G-d's patience is running out because mankind has turned against him. If
a person accepts Yeshua as their Savior, they will be spared the horrors of the
Tribulation through what is called the "rapture" (catching away of believers). The
Feast of Rosh HaShana is a picture of the rapture. There will be a trumpet blown
from heaven and all believers will be caught up into heaven. Those who have died
throughout history will be raised from their graves, then we who are alive will be
caught up to meet them in the air where Yeshua takes us safely into heaven. We
will be there for the 7 years of Jacob's Trouble here on earth when all the persecution
and nuclear stuff is happening. At the end of the 7 yrs., when all the nations come to
make war with Israel in the Valley of Megiddo, Yeshua, who has now been crowned King, and all those who are with him in heaven (including Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and the all the rest) will return (in our supernatural bodies) just as Israel is about to fall, and will help her defeat her enemies (who are also G-d's enemies). This is when all those left living in Israel, will look upon him whom they have pierced and mourn when they realize that
their Messiah who has just delivered them, is the one who was crucified 2000 yrs. ago and
will mourn deeply.

The question is, will believe what I have just explained from G-d's Holy
Scriptures and be saved, or face the horrors of the things that are rapidly coming
to Israel and the whole earth in the near future?

The attachment is a picture of a map showing how the attack on Israel will occur
(according to Ezekiel 38 & 39). I apologize for the poor quality. I scanned it several
years ago, and didn't quite know what I was doing.

Marallyn, I truly love you and am so very concerned about you and your family. I
feel like you are all my family, and I fear for your lives. Please pray about what I have
shared with you, and ask G-d to confirm the truth to your spirit. This is a decision
that will determine where you will spend eternity. Earnestly seek G-d in this matter.
I know you have had bad feeling about Jesus and Christianity, but if you can, set
aside those feelings for a bit and just ask G-d to show you the truth. It's all in the
scriptures. I don't think your watching the program about Jeremiah was any
accident. G-d is trying to get your attention.

Shalom and love,
Your friend always, Chavah


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