Monday, August 21, 2006


I was thinking last night as I tried to find a comfortable place to sit. We are in the middle of a sharav...a heat wave. After shvitzing in front of the computer for an hour, I gave up and went to sit in a cooler part of the house.

What was I thinking about? The war...the north...our government...and the Arabs.

My first thought was that I hate them. Isn't that awful? I wasn't born hating them. I grew up in Windsor and our city, as well as Detroit/Dearborn, boasted the largest population of Arabs outside the Middle East.

We lived together. We went to school together. We shopped at each other's places of business. Nice. Friendly. Safe.

When I moved to Israel, I took these warm fuzzy feelings with me. My husband always had Arab workers and they were as welcome in our home as we were in theirs. I even got to go to the sheik and meet his three wives!!! A cooking lady...a cleaning lady...and Mona!!! Well, that's what I thought as I sat across from them, drinking my little glass of strong Turkish coffee and trying not to giggle.

Today I don't have any fuzzy feeling left. They burned them out of me. They taught me to hate. And I resent them for that. And if hate is too strong a word then they taught me never to trust any one of them again.

Wandering all over Jerusalem are Arab children selling stuff. Like the cigarette girls in the old black and white movies, they roam our city pandering throw-away lighters...shmattehs to clean your counters...pens...batteries. Stuff. Or shmoontsim, as the Israelis would say.

I have watched these kids since before the last intifada. They remind me of the sewer rats from the Warsaw Ghetto. Isn't that awful? They are everywhere. They go everywhere. They see everything. And they know everything. And we do nothing.

Now maybe I am wrong. Maybe these kids are just helping their families make a few extra shekels to tide them over.

I hope so. I hate hating them. I hate not trusting them. But today I can't afford any more fuzzy feelings. And I hate that too.

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello my friend,
It is a sad thing, what the Muslims have done to the world. I live in America, and after watching what they have done to Israel, and experiencing their evil perpetrated on us here in America, I too resent them...all of them, because they are all responsible. They have chosen to follow their religion of hate. They have chosen to hate you and I. They have chosen to exterminate us who believe differently. They have chosen to allow their children to be brain-washed. They have chosen to sacrifice their children to Allah, the god of hatred. I'm sorry for them for the choices they have made because they do not know or understand the joy of love and freedom, because they have chosen bondage. I feel sorry for them because they opened the door and welcomed evil to come in. Because of their choices, I cannot trust them. If I cannot trust them, I cannot associate with them. If I cannot associate with them, what purpose do they serve? I choose not to be mean or ugly toward them,
but I fully resent them.

Some people may disagree, but this is how I feel. I believe we are each personally accountable for our choices, and I believe there are rewards and consequences for those choices.

Be safe my refreshing, Israeli friend. I love you and embrace you for who you are. You represent your people and your culture very well.

At 11:29 PM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

it is sad my dear friend...we tried turning the other cheek and got that smashed we need the rulers of the world to put their country's needs ahead of their own personal gains...tough decision...but what is the alternative...bless you...stay


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