Sunday, September 30, 2007


Israel now has a cooking 27. I love it. I love cooking. I love eating. There is something warm and toasty about sitting around a table filled with good food, surrounded by good friends and family.

So when we got the cooking channel, I signed up. Yahooooo. Some programs are yukky. Some are wonderful. And all make you hungry.

And if that isn't enough then we have the programs where all we do is watch people eat.

I don't like Paula's Party...she makes me nervous with her sexual innuendoes. I don't like the fat guy who lost a gazillion pounds and cooks without carbs. I don't like the lady with long fingernails. I don't like CeeCee Carmichael...she is so sweet in her little peter pan shirts and skirts.

I love David Gayle and his Bubbies. I met him the last time I was in Toronto. He's a childhood friend of a cousin of mine. He is as lovely in person as he is on TV.

I love Cooking with Floyd...but I wrote about that already.

But there is a down side to almost 24 hour makes you really hungry. Especially when they are making something that looks beyond delicious...usually meat or chocolate.

And, horror of all horrors, they have taken off my Monkey World. That used to be my backup when I didn't have anything to watch. I loved Gordon and Arfur and Sally and Rodney and the gang. I wonder how they are? Maybe I'll have to go to England and visit.

So, my advice for today is this: when you go to the grocery store, go after you've eaten. And when you watch the cooking channel...good luck to you. Sigh.

Shavuah tov.

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


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