Friday, November 04, 2011


I don't know about you, but I find that being a people-person doesn't make me such a great mechanic. Actually, when stuff gets gebuggered...I mean gebroken...gedamaged...bakaked...I panic.

That's why you need little kids to teach you everything. They aren't afraid to push buttons or hit keys. I'm always afraid I'll screw up everything and then what??? So, I sit there and wait for one of my kids or my computer guy or television server to answer the phone and walk me through the maze I have ended up in.

Before I left for my summer vacation, my printer ran out of flat screen for my desktop started waving and I knew it was only a matter of time before it betrayed me. The anti-virus on the same computer was telling me my days of surfing were numbered and if I didn't renew immediately, I could get a virus or a worm or something terrible that would eat up my hard disk. My fax/copy machine of fourteen years stopped working and Gestetner told me they didn't have that model any more and there was no way I could get any parts.

VEY and OY VEY!!!

As  I wrote the other day, I took my daughter's extra flat screen and the computer works! Even more important the printer now works! And yesterday MSTL went with me to Office Depot and we bought a cheap fax/copy machine. The ink cost more than the machine!!! Never mind. I didn't need the fancy expensive one for two reasons. One, I already have a laser printer and two, I would never figure out how to use the damn thing!

So yesterday I was happy feeling safe. My computer guy put int the anti-virus. MSTL set up the flat screen and the fax/copy machine. Life was good.

But, God does have a sense of humour. Yes, it's true. All of a sudden, my very expensive and very wonderful iPhone stopped ringing. It vibrated like hell, but who could hear if anyone called without the lovely song I have that announces someone is looking for me.

My phone is so gorgeous that I even have different songs so I know by the melody who is calling! The regular song is called MaryLou by Tzvika Pik and I chose that as my ringtone because all the kids and their friends when they were little called me MaryLou. And I love Tzvika Pik and I love the melody of that song.

When my husband calls it rings Summertime which is his favourite song. My oldest son's melody is Shalom Aleichem which we sing every Friday night and since he is religious it suits him. His wife's song is Ana B'Koach another religious song. My daughter's melody is It's My is her song of the month right now. And MSTL is Let The Sunshine In...cuz he does.

My biggest problem is answering the phone since I get carried away singing along with the melodies and if I wait too long then I have to call them back.

Well, now what was I going to do with no songs? I pushed this and I pushed that and when I got to the Vey Oy Vey stage I phoned a friend who knows everything. Did you know on the iPhone on the left hand side just above the volume buttons is a little chuptchik that you switch to Volume or Silent? Neither did I. But I do now!!! What a wonderful little thing. One little move and Voila I was back in business. Of course, just to be sure I phoned myself a millions times from the house phone to make sure it works.

And, finally I pushed something that turned my TV screen blue. No nothing. Just blue. Now, don't get me wrong. Blue is a nice colour. A lovely sky...a pretty lake...nice. But not on the TV!!!

At exactly 6:45 this morning, in a panic I phoned my television server. You know how it works. For Russian push one...for Arabic push two...for English push three...for Amharic push four...for Hebrew stay on the line. Then, after a few minutes the voice of a nice lady comes on and says, "If you want to order movies or channels push one. If you have a technical problem push two." And then you wait. And you wait.

Now, while you are waiting there is a lovely comforting melody that plays in the background. Why is it comforting? Because that way you know you are still in the loop. After eleven minutes a real person got on the phone and then suddenly we were disconnected!!!


I called back and pushed all the right numbers. Then, while I was waiting I started pushing all kinds of things on the remote. Strange things happened. But I wasn't worried. I was in the loop and soon someone would come online and get me back to GO.

Suddenly...honest to God...I don't know how...but suddenly after pushing who knows what my TV came back!!! No more blue! Real pictures and sound!!!

Vey Oy Vey became Yahooooooooooooo.

Does this mean I am regressing and becoming a child like old people do? Vey!!! Oy Vey!!!

Wishing you all a very sweet shabbat shalom.

Stay safe...have a great day... and thanks for dropping in.


At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Marsha said...

Good morning my amazing friend.

I just printed off yesterday’s blog and now I have another one. I love reading them. You are truly a gifted writer.

Have a good shabas.

Luv Marsha

At 10:13 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

marsha!!! thank you so much...i wish you lived next door...we would have such a grand time!!! miss you

At 10:13 AM, Anonymous marcy said...

Hi Marralyn,
Your blog could have been me except rarely do I get "broken" electronic toys fixed! I just wait and wait and wait on the phone for a live person who will make me seem like I don't know anything. I don't care because I get them to explain "it" step by step so I can "fix" it myself next time. Sometimes that even works.
By the way how is "MSTL"?
Shabbat Shalom.

At 10:15 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

hi marcy!!! thanks so much for reading and for writing...MSTL is studying GMAT i think it is called and checking out the job situation...both of us send our love...and hugs and kisses

At 10:15 AM, Anonymous jennie said...

Love your blog! You always make me laugh! Love ya!

At 10:15 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

thank you jennie so are you???

At 10:15 AM, Anonymous dov said...

Oh vey I want to read it all. Love Dov

At 10:16 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

dovidle i miss you so so so much

At 10:16 AM, Anonymous miriam said...

Hi Marallyn,

It would be better if there was a link to your blog on the email. In fact, I thought there was a link on the first email: T is for Thanks…

Shabbat shalom!
Love - M

At 10:23 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

thanks miriam!!! i realized that the second after i hit send...oy


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