Sunday, September 17, 2006


I keep hearing on the news about this E. coli infection that has now spread to twenty states in America. From spinach!

Spinach? E. coli? One person died and all kinds of people are sick.

I once had an E. coli infection and it was nasty. On one of my trips back to Canada, my Dad AH got sick and was hospitalized. Every once in awhile, instead of eating the hospital food, my mom and I would go across the street to MacDonald’s or Wendy’s…one of those fast food places and grab a hamburger.

It was erev Rosh HaShannah when I got back to Israel, and I felt awful. My kupat cholim (health center) was still open and I ran to see a doctor. He not only gave me something but sent me down to the lab for tests. To this day I bless that man. Three days later after yontiff I went back to get the results and screaming from the page was E.coli! E.coli!

I immediately got on antibiotics…for a month!...and then did more tests. Thank goodness I was fine. I think it was from the hamburgers…not cooked enough. But, I learned my lesson with chopped meat.

So when I started getting these news announcements about the outbreak of E.coli cases in the states, I sat up and paid attention.

Here is today’s headline from CNN. Online:

Shoppers shun spinach as E. coli cases top 100
POSTED: 10:54 p.m. EDT, September 16, 2006

• Investigators seek more sources of E. coli contamination of spinach
• FDA identifies Natural Selection Foods as origin of deadly E. coli outbreak
• Federal officials say 94 E. coli cases reported in 19 states, one fatal
• Washing does not help, consumers advised to throw spinach out

So, maybe someone can explain to me how you get E.coli from spinach? Raw spinach?

Now maybe I’ve been living in Israel for too long but the first thing I thought of was sabotage. I mean, somebody did something very wrong with those little leaves. Maybe, as my friend John suggested this morning when we spoke, the fields were irrigated with sewage water! EWWWWWWWWW. Now that can’t be good. Who would do something like that with plants that are to be eaten? I’ve heard of recycled sewage water ( actually I heard it this morning from John) being used to water flowers and plants you put in a pot, but not for foodstuffs.

Or…maybe someone had E.coli in a little tube and dropped it into the vat and walked away.

I saw those movies. You know the ones. Outbreak! Or something like that where a guy gets on a plane after being in some God forsaken African village and does something with a monkey and starts coughing on all the other passengers while over the Atlantic.

And the next thing you know, Dustin Hoffman is wearing a white coat and trying to save the world and the pretty lady who used to be his wife but now they aren’t talking comes to help him and when he may be sick from the infection because he was treating the guy who coughs she changes her mind and realizes that she can’t live without him so after they save the world they walk off together into the sunset!


Okay. So you tell me how those little green leaves got filled with that bad E.coli. Because no one’s talking. And if no one has the answer, then how do we save Popeye? Cuz, he’s strong to the finach, cuz he eats his spinach.

Popeye! Listen to me. Go to your local deli and get a corned beef sandwich. Without the cole slaw…can’t take any chances. But the dill pickle is fine. Trust me. All that kosher salt will kill off any E.coli that dares come near the vat. Well, at least I hope so.

Shavuah tov and chag sameach. A sweet New Year to you all.

Have a great day…stay safe…and thanks for dropping in.



At 8:38 PM, Anonymous donna said...

The E coli was checked back to bagged (pre-washed then sealed in a plastic bag) spinach. the origin was recently found to be a processor in California that distributed the spinach under several brand names.
A possible source of contamination was stated as manure used to fertilize the spinach. As a result ALL spinach has been taken from the shelves, even the fresh spinach sold in bunches. Nobody is taking chances until this is cleared up. That the source is probably from the manure, the E coli is in the cells and washing the leaves does not remove the contamination.
There was also a statement made that most antibiotics do not cover this strain of bacteria, hence the extreme measures to avoid consumption.
By the time you get this note you probably will have come across newer updates, also, but I thought I would just share what I knew.
Popeye is eating broccoli until this is over.
Love you

At 8:40 PM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

well...i didn't tell them that they could put you know what all over my spinach...feh...thanks for taking the time and we can talk about the cyanide poisoning found in celery...oy...i told you corned beef sandwiches...corned beef sandwi...:)))stay safe lamsey

At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Chavah said...

Well, my refrigerator is now empty of spinach....that I had just purchased the day before the news. Can't eat the Spring Mix either.

It could easily be deliberate sabotage of our food supply (thanks to our Government's refusal to close our borders). It could also be the result of some farm worker relieving themselves in the spinach patch. It could also be the packing house worker who used the bathroom and didn't wash their hands before returning to the line to package more fresh spinach. They have narrowed the search to San Juan Batista, Ca. where the spinach is processed and packaged. Stay tuned.....

Meanwhile, my husband and I will no longer be drinking green smoothies filled with spinach greens for breakfast anymore!

Stay safe my wonderful friend

At 3:26 AM, Anonymous lamsey said...

latest from the news tonight, at least the report that I heard, was that they were not yet able to determine that spinach was really the cause ??? could be something else ????----this could be quite a while by the time they get all the information together and actually report the full story---you know how that goes---a bit here, a bit there then you put it altogether in a news report and you have PANEDEMONIUM !!!! then a correction---then a retraction etc.............................
SCARIER yet on the news was a bit that reported about a documentary film that will be opening about JESUS KIDS----or some title like that----really young 'babies' crying about AND "AT WAR" for Jesus-----pastors, women and men alike, smashing pottery and yelling against abortion, yelling about war(for Jesus)----now THAT'S REALLY healthy for our youth in the wonderful U>S>A>, isn't it-----even the evangelists are criticizing !!!------and we thought Al
Qaeda was dangerous----they're opening the film in the bible belt then on to NY and
California---maybe they'll eat some spinach

At 3:30 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

shalom lamsey...i just saw the movie 'united 93'...i still ache all over from clenching the seat and rena throughout the film...and we just let in 15,000 saudi students...and they just threatened THE POPE...the pope for heaven's sake...'wake up little suzie...wake up'!!!

At 3:32 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

dear spinach smoothies sound yukkie...strawberry/banan/blueberry smoothies sounds yummie...spinach quiche sounds yummie...but not any we eat corned beef and dill pickles...and please don't even think of adding them to your smoothie...EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :)))

At 5:19 AM, Blogger ChicagoJeff said...

Nothing to fear at our house - no one really likes spinach here, so now all the kids will never eat that stuff!

Per this article, this is hitting home. I case reported in Illinois.
The government claims there is no tampering...

At 8:07 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

my dear chicago jeff...thanks for reading and writing...and your government still claims that a plane hit the pentagon...but that's another blog...stay safe


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