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I was planning on writing a little blog today about the look of terror the health food store people get on their faces when I walk in to shop.

I mean, I’m a corned beef person not a bean sprout/alfalfa girl.

But, then this morning I received an email originally sent out by Little Green Footballs. If you don’t know their blog then by all means go visit.

Never mind worrying about your shampoo or contact lense cleaner…and never mind worrying about mercury from an old thermometer as written by a great blogger

So what am I writing about, you ask? President Bush, according to Little Green Footballs (lgf) has just approved 15,000… thousand!!! …scholarships to Saudi students for the coming school year. Yup. And the schools are thrilled. All paid for by the Saudis.
And I quote:
Saudis Sending 15,000 Students to US to "Stem Unrest"
From Little Green Footballs
The Saudi government has approved its largest scholarship program in history.
They're planning to send 15,000 young students, indoctrinated to despise infidels by the Wahhabi educational system, to the United States: Huge Hike in Number of Scholarships. (Hat tip: Sabra.)
KING Abdullah, who is also the chairman of the Higher Education Council, has approved a program to allocate 15,000 scholarships for study in the US and 3,000 in some Asian countries.
Announcing this here Monday, Minister of Higher Education Dr Khalid Al-Anqari said this is the largest scholarship program by the government so far.
The program will include doctorate, master's, fellowship and bachelor degrees, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) report.
US college administrators are overjoyed at this windfall: U.S. Schools Compete for Saudi Students.
MANHATTAN, Kan. - Thousands of students from Saudi Arabia are enrolling on college campuses across the United States this semester under a new educational exchange program brokered by President Bush and Saudi King Abdullah.
The program will quintuple the number of Saudi students and scholars here by the academic year's end. And big, public universities from Florida to the Kansas plains are in a fierce competition for their tuition dollars.
The kingdom's royal family - which is paying full scholarships for most of the 15,000 students - says the program will help stem unrest at home by schooling the country's brightest in the American tradition. The U.S. State Department sees the exchange as a way to build ties with future Saudi leaders and young scholars at a time of unsteady relations with the Muslim world.
Administrators at Kansas State University, an agricultural school surrounded by miles of prairie grass, say the scholarships are a bonanza for public education. "The Saudi scholarship program has definitely heightened our interest in that part of the world," said Kenneth Holland, associate provost for international programs. "Not only are the students fully funded, but they're also paying out-of-state tuition."
Kansas State has boosted efforts to court Saudi officials in the last year, flying administrators and department heads to the Saudi embassy in Washington. It's paid off: last month about 150 Saudi students started classes there, each funded to the tune of about $31,000.
Saudi Embassy spokesman Nail Al-Jubeir said 90 percent of the 10,229 Saudi students the U.S. State Department has registered for the fall semester will also get such scholarships.
By January, U.S. government officials say the program will expand to 15,000 students, which means Saudi Arabia will send more foreign students to the U.S. than Mexico or Turkey. As funding for the scholarship program expands, those numbers are likely to grow.
"This is a critically important bilateral relationship," said Tom Farrell, a deputy assistant secretary for academic programs at the State Department. "It's an opportunity to increase understanding of Saudi Arabia for the United States and of the United States for Saudi Arabia."
Now, what am I missing here? 15,000 young men and women in their twenties walking in with student visas? Did anyone check their school records? I mean how many graduated cum laude from their terrorist high schools?
Are we nuts? The last time I was in the states a year and a half ago I was checked at the airport by a lady wearing a red crescent pin in her lapel.
I thought that was nuts. But compared to this, that was nothing.
Oh, Jeremiah was a bullfrog…
Have a great day…stay safe…and thanks for dropping in.


At 11:29 PM, Blogger Geologychick said...

Thanks for this post! I had NO idea! The government is all about business! No one in American politics cares about the welfare of American citizens... it's all about business and making money! My American flag flies outside my house to honor the victims of 9/11 today!

At 12:03 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

thanks for writing made me sick too...especially today...we here in israel were certain that after 9/11 everyone would understand...but we were wrong...God bless your flag proudly...bravo...stay safe

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Jack Steiner said...

Unfortunately money talks.

At 8:54 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

shalom jack...yup you are right...just ask our p.m. your blog btw


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