Monday, November 07, 2011


Well, I've been thinking. I know, I know, a dangerous thing. But the truth is I have loved writing these blogs and have been getting wonderful emails telling me that you have too. Thank you!!!

So, the question is: What the hell am I going to do after Z?

At  4:30 this morning...when you get to my age you will understand the early hour...sigh. Where was I? At 4:30 this morning, I figured it out...I'm going to start a series of blogs about my favourite things. 

 In the next few days I am going to hone my list and begin discussing 'stuff' with you all. Of course, I will be thrilled to hear about your 'stuff' too. (Below, down below you will find a sneak preview.)

W is also for writing. I love writing. When I was a little girl, my Dad A'H told me :'Marallyn, be careful what you write. Everything you put on paper becomes a document.'

OY! Well that stopped me. What was I going to do? 

For those of you who know me, you know that I like to talk. Actually, I like to talk a lot. And usually I have a lot to say. And, God blessed me with a sense of humour, so when I sensed my audience was getting drowsy or bored I could just jump in with an anecdote or two.

See, my Dad A'H had turned me into a storyteller!!! How marvelous! Every generation from the beginning of time had a storyteller. Now my favourite storyteller in the Universe is The 2,000 Year Old Man.

I  have mentioned him before. In mine humble opinion (as he says) the reason he is so funny is that HE IS SO FUNNY and he doesn't hurt anyone. He doesn't make you squirm in your seat. He's not slapstick nor dirty...he's funny.

Here is my latest best line of his from the book (that my sister-in-law gave me this summer and it is now my best book), The 2,000 Year Old Man in the Year 2000...the book {including how to not die and other good tips}.
"My full name is Benjamin, Ben Aaron, Ben Esau, Ben Solomon, Ben Alvin, Ben Sidney, Ben Lillian (the cross-dresser)---sometimes known as Ben Gay."

Now tell me you didn't laugh out loud! What a mind! What a funny man.

One more.

"Thankfully the method of writing has improved from the days when we used to write on papaya. No, not papyrus. I mean papaya---the fruit. We wrote on them. Not the mushy ones. We used the hard ones. We scratched in the news with a pointy stick. Our motto was, 'All the news that's fit to eat.'
It was not only informative, it was nutritious. We read it and then we ate it.
Before papaya, we tried writing on onion skin.
It's a shame that wasn't sturdy enough because we had a good motto:'Read it and weep!'"

Now, tell me. Would you think twice before inviting him to your dinner table? Wouldn't he get the first invitation and then the rest of your friends would have to fight for a seat?

A good story is a good story. But in order to make it a great story you need a STORYTELLER.

I know a few. My favourite lives in California and is the funniest man I know. I am lucky, he's not only my dearest darling,  but he's my brother-in-love. A very very funny man. 

So, now I write. After long days of talking and listening and solving problems, it is a joy to just sit alone quietly at the computer using other senses...touch and sight. Sometimes I write and sometimes the little genius otherwise known as my Muse or Spirit Guide pushes my fingers on the keys and whoa!!! What a surprise that is.

For example, in my book about an astrology class, I sat down at the computer and my fingers wrote, 'Baruch waited for the sound of the cars to stop before crossing the street.'

Whoa!!! Who the hell is Baruch? And as I wrote, he became one of my most favourite characters. I love Baruch.

Well, for a person who didn't have a clue what to write today for the letter W, I think I have done a respectable job.

Got to run. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous randall said...

Thanks for this little present to start my day! It was lovely.

At 1:16 PM, Anonymous sharon said...

W is for wonderful. So glad that you're blogging again !

At 1:17 PM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said... lovely to hear from you...i miss you...thank you so much for reading my blog!!! stay safe my dear friend

At 1:18 PM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

thanks soooooooooo much too me too me too

At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Shelley said...

I am so happy you are doing's my daily visit with "Marallyn" that makes me smile!!! ;-))
By the by, I see no reason that you can't use the alphabet, as a is good for the planet...I'm just sayin'...
Toodles and hugs....


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