Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Yesterday, I picked up an old book I had on my shelf. 'Earth's Birth Changes' by St. Germain. Flipping through it, I came across the following passage:

Science and technology was known by the civilizaton of Atlantis. It came to a very similar convergence. However, it did not understand unity. It understood
separation, therefore, it ruined itself. It went forth unto the bottom of the
ocean floors and displayed its brilliance there.

Whoa! The first thing I thought of was our world today. Like a fault in the rift which causes earthquakes, old alliances are crumbling...new powers are emerging...and everyone hates the Jews.

1. Britain? forget it.
2. France? forget it.
3. All the Muslim countries in the universe? forget it.
4. Europe? more and more anti-semetic.

That leaves our oldest and dearest friend, The United States of America. Or does it???

Lately, I keep reading about MoveOn.org. Who even knew about them? Well, good for Caroline Glick, deputy managing editor of the Jerusalem Post who wrote all about them.

Here is a quote from that article.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's speech at the American Task Force for Palestine's inaugural dinner in Washington on Wednesday evening was but the
latest sign that America's alliance with Israel is weakening.

Rice's statement that "there could be no greater legacy for America than to help to
bring into being a Palestinian state," just about says it all.

Unfortunately, unless concerted steps are taken by the Israeli government, Israeli citizens and the American Jewish community, the downward trend in relations with the US will only get worse.

Perhaps most upsetting is the central role that a tiny minority of American Jews has played in souring ties between Jerusalem and Washington.

That minority has undermined support for Israel in the Democratic Party and now
seeks to undermine Israel's position in the US in general.

The Democratic Party's sharp turn leftward in recent years has been a major factor
in weakening the US-Israel alliance. The ideological transformation of the party
is the fruit of a collaborative effort by leading financiers, radical-leftist
ideologues and political activists. Together these forces built organizations
that dictate the party's agenda; finance the campaigns of politicians who
embrace this agenda; and work to defeat conservative Republicans and Democrats
who disagree with their agenda.

MoveOn.org is the most influential organization of this type established in recent years. Its principal financiers are American Jewish billionaires George Soros and Peter Lewis.

This summer, MoveOn.org played a central role in Lieberman's
defeat in the Democratic primary for his Senate seat. It contributed funds to
Lieberman's opponent, Ned Lamont, and its Web site served as a clearinghouse
disseminating anti-Lieberman propaganda.

Propaganda posted on the Web site was laced with blatant anti-Semitic attacks. Postings repeatedly referred to Lieberman as "the Jew Lieberman," and "ZioNazi Lieberman." These attacks were by no means unusual. Indeed, anti-Semitic slurs against Israel and Jewish Americans, and belittlements of the Holocaust, appear regularly in MoveOn.org Web forums.


Then this morning I received another email from my dear friend Thunder...I have mentioned her before but don't know how to highlight past articles like some of you do :).

Mary Thunder is a very special Native American whom I am privilged to call friend. http://www.marythunder.com

Thunder forwarded an email sent to her by Steven King...no not that Steven King.

Dear MoveOn member,
If I know anything, I know scary. And giving this president and this out-of-control Congress two more years to screw up our future is downright terrifying. Thankfully, this national nightmare is one we can end with literally a wake up call.

My friends at MoveOn.org Political Action are organizing a big round of national phone parties this weekend before Halloween, Oct. 28th & 29th. We'll be calling progressive folks in key districts who may not turn out unless they get a friendly reminder or two.And since it's almost Halloween, we'll celebrate with an optional costume contest, some pumpkin carving (I'll be making a Jack-Abramoff-O'-Lantern) and of course plenty of candy. ***

***Wikipedia: Jack A. Abramoff
February 28, 1958) is
American political lobbyist,
a political activist and
businessman who is a central figure in a series of high-profile political scandals.

Now what the hell do I care about a Halloween phoneathon by some organization, even if it does have a www?

But, I sure as hell am going to keep my eyes on MoveOn and how it's going to affect me and mine and eventually you and yours.

Jack Abramoff O'Lantern?

One last thing...sorry this is a really long post, I know.

I came across a YouTube clip. Man, supposedly a Pakistani was all dressed up as a cowboy and climbed on a stage in what looked like a local bar in some southern American town. Here is his song: Throw the Jew down the well...So my country can be free...Grab the Jew by his horns...And we'll all have a party.

The audience was shocked. But within minutes they were all stomping and a hootenanny was in progress...Throw the Jew down the well???

Jew haters are not new. One of the reasons I moved to Israel was to get away from them.

But JEWS who are Jew haters are unconscionable. And very dangerous. Some day ask me why Pollard is still in jail!!!!!!!

I don't want to display my brilliance at the bottom of the ocean. And unless we find some unity, our separation is going to let EVIL take over the planet. They are growing and soon they will march. And the longer we wait, the more power we give them.

Better to be an Owl than an Ostrich, no?

Have a great day...stay safe...thanks for dropping in.


At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Bill Levinson said...

See my blog for a good sampling of the litany of not only anti-Semitic but also racist and anti-Catholic hate speech from MoveOn.org's Action Forum, and a hate cartoon from MoveOn itself.

They didn't post the "Throw the Jew down the well" song but they may as well have done so, based on the other content.


At 6:37 PM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

thanks bill...please continue to keep me informed...and can you pls write and tell me a little more about you? i really appreciate your dropping in...this group scares me...stay safe

At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Jews.
And I'm part German.
And Italian and Irish.
I prob wouldn't marry a Jew because he would have to convert to Christianity. Must be why no Jewish men ask me out,
I so much enjoy reading your posts:)
Will you write a post sometime about how you knew your husband was "the One"? I know this is just some random thought I'm throwing at you, but I think you are probably one of the shapest knives in the box:)

At 12:18 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

dear annonymous...how absolutely lovely to hear from you...hmmm how i knew my husband was the one eh...the truth is that when i met him i already knew him...not our first time around if you understand what i mean...have a great day and thanks so much for dropping in and for the nice words...stay safe

At 12:34 AM, Anonymous Bill Levinson said...

I'm in the United States and I have never liked MoveOn.org, given its sponsorship by George Soros (who wants to subordinate the United States to the United Nations).

Now I am doing my best to expose MoveOn.org for welcoming anti-Semitic and other hate speech, and this will hopefully help keep MoveOn's candidates out of office this November.

At 12:51 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

good luck...pls keep me informed...i wonder what the fundamentalist christians are going to do once they discover what is going on with moveon and the democratic party...what a mess eh??? anyway you know how i feel about all this...scary dangerous mess we are in...and the whole world is sleeping

At 4:58 AM, Blogger Houston said...

I think Move-On's strength and influence have been exagerated somewhat, along with its supposed sponsorship by Mr. Soros, in the article which stimulated this post.

There's a lot of misinformation out there. The Bush regime and it's Republican noise machine are dedicated to branding Move-On and George Soros as extremists. Consider the source and remember, everyone has an agenda.

There has been a lot of anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian sentiments expressed in the anti-war movement in this country. The established political parties were very late in paying attention to their base which was appalled by the war in Iraq, and the extremists moved into the vacuum. Most of the people in the large anti-war demonstrations haven't signed onto the anti-Israeli part.

I think the Move-On people are a bit naive in their support of Palestinians. While many of them are definitely anti-Israeli, they're not necessarily antisemitic. The two are not the same. The actual Palestinians and their muslim fellow travelers, on the other hand, hate Jews, ALL Jews. They have cozied up to the Move-On people.

The Left in the U.S. is not the enemy of Israel. Israelis should concern themselves with how they're going to deal with the cancer [the Palestinian situation} that consumes them and not worry about American opinion. The Palestinian mess is your mess. You've let it fester for 50 years.

As a friend of Israel, I have never told you how to do your business. As a friend of Israel, I will now tell you that if you do not figure this out, you condemn your children and their children to more of the same.

Lebanon didn't turn out all that well, did it? Whose fault was that? Move-On? I don't think so. I hope Israel was properly chastised by that misadventure. Grabbing a gun and climbing onto a tank may not always be the best way to respond to a provocation.

The stakes are high, Marallyn, for all of us. Afterall, our world village is very small these days.

Shalom aleichem,

At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh d d d dear....I stumbled across moveon a few months ago YIKES and here it is again.

Election day is all the buzz around here these days. Folks in my neck of the woods are definatly NOT ostriches....

Marallyn, you had the perfect opp to play dear abby with anonymous....

Hey anonymous

The ONE is the ONE who captures your heart and who you are willing to wait indefinatly for.

She's the one who captivates your very being.

He's the ONE who takes your breath away.

Oh, I could go on and on...but i'll stop...except that he or she is the missing piece to the puzzle...but God is always first and the glue that keeps it all together.

Marallyn sweetie your blog is FAB as always...i'll spread the word to the fundis on my end of things

Love ya my friend. stay safe and I cant' wait to hug your neck!!!


At 7:02 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

shalom shira...you got it girlfriend...the one is the one...moveon scares me because their agenda could get everyone i know killed...but i honestly still believe that the safest place in the world is jerusalem...stay safe

At 7:04 AM, Anonymous js said...

My dear Marilyn.. I am very proud of you and your articulative copy.. I just wish to add: when others flock to our hospitals, our lawyers; when we have jews as political advisors, writers ,architects and leaders of society Then others have made us become this way.. and becoming this way just gives my friends and I just more encouragement to fight back. I am very proud of what I am, and became that way when I saw my late father make Cdn. soldiers wwII uniforms with his sweat running down his face.....So no one in this great country ,Canada, is going to say antisemetic remarks and get away with it... after all , why should they `cuse if they do I just remind them of the above J.S.

At 7:06 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

dear js...thanks for taking the time to write and for your kind words and encouragement...we aren't going to walk into the camps and masada will never fall again...amen...stay safe my friend you are a brave man

At 7:16 AM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

hi houston!!! welcome back...israel's mess is our mess and we are up to here in it right now...and you are absolutely correct about the palestinian 'problem' in so far as we should have done something about it years ago...come for coffee and we'll talk about it one day cuz the story is sure a long one...lebanon? it was a disaster and i put all the blame on this government...if you have read some of my earlier blogs you will know that i am not afraid to say that i'm with the soldiers who state that they should all resign...now bad people are bad people all over the place and when we point a finger at someone we have three more pointing back at us...as long as moveon plays the anti semetic card and as long as part of their agenda is to 'pay off' politicians and then work to get them to disassociate with israel...well my friend, then it's a whole other kettle of fish...an anti semite and a pregnant lady have ONE thing in common... there is no such thing as a 'little' pregnant...you stay safe my friend and thanks so much for writing...it's people like you i need to talk to...you still recouperating from the wedding??? shalom houston glad you dropped in.

At 4:51 PM, Anonymous michael said...

What an amazing blog! - I loved it - so visual, honest and relateable.

At 4:52 PM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

thanks michael...your input means a lot to me...hope to see you soon in jerusalem...stay safe

At 6:27 PM, Anonymous jim & barb said...

Hi Marallyn -

Just to give you some insight from our perspective.

1. England and France never really were tolerant or pro Israel. It's just fashionable to express their intolerance in those countries now.

2. Many of the people in the Democratic Party who are still pro Israel are leaving or have left; us included. The independent voters are about one third of the electorate and generally decide most elections. No party has total control and both parties, regardless of factions within those parties are still behind Israel.

3. Howard Dean was already dynamic in Vermont. For example, he instigated full medical coverage for all Vermont citizens. It is the only state that has this.

3. Ned Lamont presents himself as pro Israel, and just because Joseph Lieberman is Jewish he tended to rub your face in the fact, but his primary agenda was most likely powered by the large insurance companies headquartered in his state. If you check with AIPAC, almost everyone in both houses of the U.S. Congress is pro Israel.

4. If you think YouTube is bad, try looking at Craigslist.com., which is mainly used for free online classified ads as a community service. They have a page for all major U.S. cities and cities all over the world. There is a section called 'Rants and Raves' that recently, for Denver's page, produced a lot of anti-semitic rants but there were also a lot of rebuttals. And Craig is a Jewish guy!! But he is also a proponent of free speech.

The YouTube incident with the Pakistani dressed as a cowboy was most definitely staged and if it were 'for real', it would have been on the news.

There always were and there always will be someone who doesn't like you or your group. Most, if not all these people are on the fringe and the reality is its far better to see it out in the open, at lease you can keep an eye on it.

Best wishes,
Jim & Barb

At 6:29 PM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

hiiii jim thanks for writing...hope all is well in your neck of the woods...i read your comment carefully...and i agree with a lot you say...i also think that we have to generate conversation now as silence can be deadly...love to you and barb...stay safe

At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I too thought I found the ONE, however, she is a "Born Again." It's interesting what anonymous said as I can hear much of her sentiments on what I deal with. I think this country is growing more fundamentalistic in its beliefs, and this scares me more than my girlfriend's persistance in convincing me that I'm condemned to an eternity of suffering in the afterlife.

The only reason she "tolerates" me is that I'm a Jew whereas all other religions are false religions.

I sometimes watch the growing number of Christian-based television channels and grow more and more sickened by the tactics used--not to mention the combination of the widespread television media's reach to the masses.

By the way, since it was not raised, I would like to clear up "Throw the Jew Down the Well" in case no one knows what that is:

That is British comedien Sacha Baron Cohen, also a Jew, who pokes fun at social taboos and current issues. He is known as Ali G, and in this clip as his character Borat, as well as an Austrian gay fashion expert.

Though controversial, his characters allow him to provoke interesting and often humorous responses from his "victims". My favorite was his interview with Andy Rooney. Ali G's bad grammar and stupid questions eventually caused Andy to walk away from the interview!

I don't know if the cameras and/or Borat's "accidental" lack of racial, religious, and gender tolerance caused the audience to join in the chorus due to a diffusion of responsibility and politeness, or if the audience really had a strong desire to throw a Jew down the well. If they only knew he was the Jew...

At 2:55 PM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

thanks anonymous...good luck with your girlfriend...i knew it was ali g...what scrared me was the audience's reaction...hope you ahve a great weekend...thanks for dropping in


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