Saturday, October 13, 2007


My son, Joe College, decided to take a week off and go someplace with a few friends before his next year of law school begins.

Here in Israel, the kids have exams all summer and then are on vacation from the end of August until after the holidays, usually the end of October, beginning of November.

They wanted to go to seats. They didn't want to go back to Greece, or the Greek Islands. They did Paris and London. No time to get back to the States or Canada. ***These kids have worked hard both at the University and their jobs and I love that they can afford to be world travellers. Yahoooooooooo.***

They didn't want to do Italy...not enough time to do it properly. So my kid came home and said, "Imma, we're going to Berlin."
"Like in Germany? Berlin? Acht, macht, gebracht? The land of the Nazis? O Tannenbaum?"

As you can tell I am not about to forget WWII, the big one!. Nope...not me.

When we were growing up in Windsor, my house had nothing from Germany or Japan. Nothing. Now, today it is virtually impossible to have a Japanrein home as the world has turned a blind eye to WWII and many of our products are/were Made in Japan. Sigh.

And in Israel we are dancing with the Germans. Ben Gurion opened talks and trade and what can I tell you? Germany is one of our most visible supporters...sigh. They even sent us gas masks...GAS MASKS...during the Gulf War!!! (Sometimes I am sure that God has a wicked sense of humour...the devil made me say that.)

But, when we got married, I told my husband that I didn't want anything that was made in Germany in my house. That lasted over twenty years until one day he brought home the new washing maching...don't ask...a great machine...great...'Surprise!' Only problem is...yup...I own a Nazi machine. Vey.

For over ten years I use the machine and have a love/hate thing going with it. I sort of want to kick it every time I fill it up. Sigh.

Lately when my brother, Dovidle, comes to visit he flies Luftansa and has a stopover in Frankfurt. 'Heil, Hitler? You're flying Heil Hitler?' I asked.

My son, Joe College smiled at me and said, 'Well, I guess you don't want me to bring you back anything.'

I smiled. What could I do? A mother's heart. 'No, sweetie. I don't think so. But, you can bring back a fridge magnet to add to your collection.'

Now, I thought that was very big of me, don't you? And every time I shut the fridge I can smack it and walk away.

I know I am not being fair. Not all Germans etc., etc...

But, I figure that as gorgeous as Germany may be...and I'm sure it is...And, as much as the young Germans aren't responsible for their parents and grandparents crimes...I still need forty years in the desert before I can think of moseying on over to take a look at the Rhine. Until then, I'm afraid that I'll be looking at everyone my age and older and wondering what they did/or didn't do during the war.

I think the Guv summed it up when she wrote: 'Tell the kid to have a wonderful time and not to take any showers until he comes home.'


p.s. the kid is having a marvellous time...he sms'd me that they went into a shop and Ninet( our top singer who I love) and her boyfriend Yehuda Levy( a top tv/movie star) were in the shop too.

Seems like I'm the only one still waving the flag. Never mind. There are plenty of places in this world that I want to see...Scotland!!!!!!!! Italy!!!!!...and at a drop of the hat I would put my tush in the big plane and fly to Canada and the States.

Now, all we need is for Bubbie Channah to win the lottery.

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


At 7:17 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

My Great, Great Grandmother came over to the USA from Germany...she couldn't even speak English:)
I am certainly convinced any relatives of mine over there served as a safe haven to any human being.

My Dad's side-Italian and Irish...hmmm...

At 7:58 PM, Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

shalom anna...thank you so much for writing...when i came to israel i too couldn't speak the i understand the new-immigrant brave she was...and all safe havens were a blessing...just too bad they were necessary...italian and irish is s very interesting combination :)


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