Monday, July 23, 2012


Some people exercise on a treadmill...I exercise in the supermarket! It is my museum. I walk up the aisles and down the aisles looking, checking, choosing and passing by.

There are three stores I love:
1. The replaced by my kindle. But I must admit I still browse and touch the books (while secretly writing down titles).
2. The wool shop. I have wool in bags in closets, cupboards, hanging on door knobs. Of  course I do...I'm Bubbie Channah's A'H daughter.
3. And finally, I love going to the grocery store. I'm a sun sign Cancer and if my cupboards are not full and my fridge not bursting with enough prepared food to feed the Russian Army, then I get nervous. Of course I do.

When my kids got old enough to stay at home alone for a bit, I learned the joy of running up the street to the makolet (little grocery store) that is just two buildings away. Quiet. Just me.A little walk, a little perusing, a little buying...ah mechayeh! Did I mention quiet?

When we moved into this apartment, My Son The Lawyer was three years old. One day he decided he was big enough to go to the makolet by himself to buy the milk we needed. The trees in the neighbourhood were babies and I could see the makolet from my bedroom window and he didn't have to cross any streets, so I gave him the correct change, and said that he could go.

I watched him skip happily on his way and when he came out of the store I watched him jump up in the air and could almost hear him shout, 'YAHOO!'

When he returned with the milk he handed me a little bag. Curious, I asked what he got. He told me it was a present for me.

Inside was a little white porcelain figurine and a tube of glue!

I thanked him profusely and asked how he paid for it. To which he replied. "Oh, Imma, I used the three magic words."

"Magic words?"

"Yes, I told the makolet man, to charge it, please!"

The next time I went into the makolet, David, the makolet man asked for my telephone number so that next time he could get permission to 'charge it please.' And we both laughed.
Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


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