Sunday, July 22, 2012


On my desk, next to my computer is a plaster of Paris cast of my oldest child's hand print taken when he was about three in nursery school. It's my favourite hamsa. For those of you who don't know what a hamsa is, here is a picture of the one I wear every day:
Hamsas are very Middle Eastern and are shaped as a hand and meant to ward off the evil eye! Don't laugh. This favourite Muslim talisman became part of the Jewish culture among Sepharadic and Mizrahi Jews who sometimes call it the Hand of Miriam...Moses' sister.

I love my hamsa. A few years ago I decided I needed a new one and was walking on Ben Yehudah Street looking for one that 'talked to me'. I felt tension in the air and walked into one more store before giving up for the day. That is when I found the one in the picture. The right size...with a heart...and a purple stone! Perfect!

As I was paying for the hamsa a loud explosion was heard! Then a second one! Bombs! On Ben Yehudah!
Now you may not believe this, but some of you who know me well will understand. I know my hamsa saved me that day. It was waiting for me in a store out of the bomber's range.

When someone says, "Oh, look how good you look!", Israelis answer "Hamsa, hamsa, hamsa!"

Wishing you a sweet good week! Hanmsa, hamsa, hamsa!  שבוע טוב! חמסה חמסה חמסה

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


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