Thursday, November 08, 2007


There are some things that always make me feel guilty. You know like when you break your diet...while you are chewing you are happy-go-lucky...but the minute you have finished your last bite you hear that little voice in your head saying 'YOU'LL BE SORRRRRRRRY.'

Or when you play hookey from work/school...oy I'm really not feeling well...cough cough sniffle sniffle. Then for the rest of the day you have to hide out under the covers instead of going to the Mall for an ice cream sundae.

You get the picture.

Well, this blog has been added to my guilt list. See, I love the blog. I love writing it. I love reading your comments. I love visiting your blogs. I love writing comments on yours too.

But, for the past month or so I have simply been overwhelmed with writing...or more to the point, thinking. I am really really happy to tell you that my novel Emma Shelby is No More is in the hands of a Hollywood Producer and even though the writers' strike is still on we have begun the re-write. And it is really thrilling. First of all that he loves Emma and second that I am now back with her again. I missed her. We were constant companions for the past two years. So now I am going to focus all my thoughts and energy on Emma.

At first I thought of simply stopping this blog for the next couple of months. You know, as much fun as writing is, and as much as I am driven to is also a lot of really hard work and serious stuff. But, then I thought I'd miss all of you too.

So, here's the deal. Until I finish the re-write of Emma, I'm going to post a blog once a week. I like Fridays so I can also wish you all a sweet shabbat shalom. I'll keep you up-to-date and check in on you. And when the book is done then I can come back here full force and share and care. How does that sound?

Until tomorrow then...have a great day...stay safe...and thank you so much for dropping in.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger muse said...

how exiting! Emma's going to be a star!


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