Thursday, August 21, 2008


My doctor and I have a great realationship. I trust him with my life and he thinks I'm the funniest thing since Roseanne Barr. I look forward to seeing him and getting the answers to 'what is wrong, please let it be nothing!' and he looks forward to hear what is new in my ahem boring life.

See, we like each other. And he is one of the good guys.

Once, a few years ago he told me that his wife finally revealed what the most wonderful feeling in the world was to her and he wanted to share it with me. He said, "She said, 'The feeling my tush feels when it is in the seat of a plane!'"

I never forgot it. And Mrs.Dr.R. is absolutely correct. There are some things that can't be replaced for decadent wonderfulness. Like serious chocolate...or fresh crisp sheets...or a great cup of tea when your throat is sore...or taking off your shoes (used to be girdle but no one wears THEM any more) and putting on your old fluffy slippers. And maybe a hot bath or shower when you just need to feel refreshed.

Ever time I fly I think of my doctor's wife. And I smile.

When you're're right!

I have not had a pleasure vacation in a very long time. The last two trips I made were for business and although they were wonderful there was a stress and tension added to the sweetness. This trip is mine...all mine. And every one who has decided to camp out at my brother's place to see me.

It was supposed to be my brother and his wife and I just roaming around and chilling out and doing our things. I was/am bringing my laptop and intended to use the time to heal from the five hysetrical months of caring for Bubbie Channah and write. Sigh...ahhhhh....the things that dreams are made of.

Then my brotherinlove said he could join us and was bringing his daughter who I absolutely adore. The pleasure was now notched up at least a thousand rungs. I am counting the minutes till we are all together again. The last time that Maeshey and my brother and I were in the same room together was in the 60's before I left for Israel. Maeshey moved to California, Dovidle moved to Coloradao and although we have met individually, we haven' get it. So we are on big-time excitement here!!!

And, my sister-in-law's mother and sister said they could come from Springfield, Illinois! Yahoooo. I love her family!!! Shove up that pleasure thermometer, froggy!

And, when my cousin Allan found out I was coming to Colorado, he wanted to come visit from Las Vegas!!! Yahoooooo again!!!

So, I figure I will have maybe five minutes to write on my laptop and three weeks of joy and love. How good is that?!?

Btw...if you want to join us in Boulder, I think we have a day or two where there will be an extra bed! But, shhhhh, don't tell my sister-in-law...she is being a brick about the whole thing!!! Me? I would be having a serious neverous breakdown. The Queen of the Summer is definitely Annie, who has opened her heart and home to me and the Russian Army!!!

Yahooooooooo. Glad to be back. Have missed you and this!!!

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


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