Sunday, October 26, 2008


I just wrote the Guv that I spoke to three of the men in my life tonight. My son, Joe College who is studying for a semester in Holland. Hebrew U. Law School (you notice how I tossed that in?) has an exchange program this year and he was accepted in Rotterdam.

What a great opportunity for anyone. To spend three, four months in a European city, studying and living like a native. And Europe...Brussels is a two hour train trip away. My son met his/my cousins Romie and Larissa who spent an entire day wining and dining him and a good friend, who was accepted for a semester in Belgium. How do you thank someone for loving your child like they did? And the feeling was mutual. My kid loves them. My heart is filled with awe.

My Dad AH came back from WWII, the Big One, with glowing stories of Belgium and Holland. He always wanted to go back and now there is my son making the trip for him. How marvellous.

Then I spoke to my two brothers...Dovidle who was born with the same biological parents as I have and Maeshey who lived up the street and became one of us when he was seven, I think.
Well, Maeshey is in Colorado for the weekend working with Dovidle on a project that is exciting to all of us and when I can I will tell you all about it. The only bad thing is that they are there and I am here. When I was in Boulder last month, Maeshey and his wonderful daughter came for a few days and it was an amazing amazing experience. Never mind that it had been almost fifty years since the three of us were together in the same room. All of a sudden it was as if they were eight and ten again and telling secrets. I'll tell you about it one day.

There are three other men in my husband, my oldest son, and sweetsie tootsie the six year old. They are 'my at home, men' and fill my life with everyday kind of wonders. Did I tell you that sweetsie tootsie started first grade this year? Yes, my baby is a big boy. On day two he turned to a new friend and said, "I get it. It's boring. I'm going home." The other kid thought that was a grand idea and together these two pagromchiks walked out of class, walked out of the school, and after crossing two big streets, walked home! Thank God they are all right. The final word is that they aren't going to do that again. My son and his wife (this is a post about men) took care of that.

I love being the daughter of...the wife of...the sister of...the sisterinlove of...the mother of...the bubbie of...the friend of...I like that a lot.

I have to go now. I just remembered something I have to share with the guys. Off I go to phone the States. Yahoooooo.

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


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