Friday, November 07, 2008


I have been getting so much email over the past few weeks telling me why Obama is the best thing since sliced bread and whenever I voiced my concern I was told not to believe the 'hate mongers'...not to be 'paranoic'...not to be 'racist'.

I have a whole list of what I shouldn't be whenever I said how I felt about the man and his wife and most of their friends who have been mentioned and ignored along the way. You know who I mean. The man is TEFLON and nothing sticks to him.

I do not trust him...not with your country and certainly not with mine. I will not mention his wife...oh why the hell not. Anyone who denies their children birthday and Christmas presents is a woman I sure as hell don't want for a Mama!

But...guess what??? The little girls get to have a puppy when they move into the NEW White House. What was wrong with the old one? And it was such a huge thing in the Obama household that Daddy had to mention it on live TV. Yahooo the kids get a dog!!!
Well, if it is good enough for the President Elect, then maybe other families should get their kids a dog. Oh wait...they do!

Have I mentioned along the way how very disappointed I am in our girl Oprah? I mean where would she be without the women of America? And as soon as she had the chance to pay some of them back she picked the guy who happened to share her skin colour. You blew it Oprah. But then, I stopped watching you when I read in your magazine "O" all about the poor suicide bomber girls who just had to blow themselves up because bad, mean Israel made their lives a terror. Wait...wrong word. Not all the Muslims are terrorists, but lately all the terrorists are... You know the rest. I don't want to be labled paraniod or racist again. Walk a mile in my shoes and then let's talk.

I have absolutely no idea why anyone voted for the man. Well, the college kids didn't want Iraq and Afghanistan. The Jews...vey very vey stayed true to their party.

Now we will see what Mr. President Elect Obama does.

Oh yes! His first piece of business was to ask Rohm Emanuel to be his Chief of Staff. How lovely.

My poor email was clogged and choked up with family and friends rushing to tell me about Rohm. See. You over there in Israel don't have anything to worry about. Now since when does the Chief of Staff decide foreign policy? Would have been a lot lovlier if he'd have asked him to be Secretary of State. Now that would have been a real important job.

Sorry all of you. I'm going to sit back and hope and pray that I was wrong and that you are right. In the meantime you lost your credibility when the media became so very one-sided. You lost your freedom when one guy got over 600million dollars to spend on the media. Oh, once again the media. I forgot. Good ol' CNN.

Ok. I think you get it. I didn't want McCain. But I sure would have slept better knowing he was at the helm when the you-know-what hits the fan.

Is Obama the guy they talk about who comes before the Rapture? Now there is a scary thought.

Shabbat shalom.

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.


At 5:28 PM, Blogger Jack said...

In the meantime you lost your credibility when the media became so very one-sided. You lost your freedom when one guy got over 600million dollars to spend on the media.

None of that means that people didn't make an educated decision to vote for Obama.

McCain's age and poor judgment in running mates killed a lot of votes.

At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, aside from the pro-life issue, it was a difficult election. Americans are losing their jobs and homes left and right at a speed faster than anyone could have thought. People are scared and desperate.
I would have liked to see more of the war on terrorism plan, but that didn't happen

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS-I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Rena?


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