Monday, March 02, 2009


Since my Mom Z'L passed away on January 14th I have become obsessed with owning books. Well, even more obsessed since I always have a bag of wool and a pile of books waiting 'just in case'.

But this time I even bought NEW books! For full price! Imagine!

I got so many emails back on my last post I decided to share some of my books with you. I hope you like them.

MY FATHER'S PARADISE---Ariel Sabar (a son's search for his Jewish past in Kurdish Iraq. My husband was born in Kurdistan in a place called Zakho as is the author's family. I am certain they made aliya together in 1953 and once I get my mind back, I'm going to write to the author and see if they know each other. I asked my brother David to bring the book when he came the first time to be with Ma in the hospital. I wanted to read up about my husband's home and I think it is important for the kids and babies.)

THE MINISTRY OF SPECIAL CASES---Nathan Englander ( Argentina...missing children! I thought this is not for me. But, when I opened the book to scan it and read the names OF some of the characters, I was hooked. The hero is Kaddish Poznan and he hangs around with people named: Talmud Harry, Shlomo the Pin, Hezzi Two-Blades, Coconut Burstein, Hayim-Moshe 'One-Eye' Weiss, Henya the Mute and Bryna the Vagina. How could I leave it on the shelf?)

ONE THOUSAND WHITE WOMEN The Journals of May Dodd---Jim Fergus (brilliant...Guy see who has the rights to this one!!!)


CHANGE OF HEART---Jodi Picoult ( I read anything she writes)

THE RABBI'S DAUGHTER---Reva Mann (the cover said a true story of sex drugs and orthodoxy...Would you leave it on the shelf?)

MILK GLASS MOON---Adriana Trigiani (I found it for fifty cents in a thrift shop and it said 'buy me, buy me')

THE SUMMER GARDEN---Paullina Simons (looked good...was on one get the other at half price...I'll let you know)

THE SPOILS OF TIME TRILOGY---Penny Vincenzi (lovely lovely lovely chick flick books and since both Rena and I buy books by the weight...we read so much that a skinny book is like a bologny sandwich on two slices of white bread...if you get my drift...well these three books are about 900 pages each and a person could gain five kilos while reading them...ahhhh)

THE AFFAIR OF THE NECKLACE---Elizabeth Hand (on sale and I love historical fiction)

THE LAST TESTIMENT---Sam Bourne (on sale Iraqi's, Israeli's, Palestinian's...yahooo)

THE VENETIAN BETRAYAL---Steve Berry ( was 2/3 off and the blurb read: Cotton Malone is back and the stakes were never higher: a deadly virus that could wipe out civilisation as we know it--and a cure that lies buried in the past...yahoooo a cure!)

THE BIRTH OF VENUS---Sarah Dunant (ehhh...not bad)

SOUL SOUNDS---Mary Summer Rain (my kind of book I says it is her own story about her extraordinary life from her childhood to her recent meetings with some very interesting Starborn friends...yahoooo...)

THE YIDDISH POLICEMAN'S UNION---Michael Chabon ( i can't seem to get into this one yet)

ANYTHING BY JOHN LESCROART---(don't we love Dismas Hardy and Lieutenant Abe Glistsky?)

THE SUNDAY PHILOSOPHY CLUB---Alexander McCall Smith (he's the guy who wrote THE NO.1 LADIES' DETECTIVE AGENCY)

As you can see, I love books. I love touching them...browsing through them...reading them...and writing them.

As a parent and teacher, I have always pushed books on my children and taught them to love them and respect them. Gone With the Wind...Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn...Little Women...The House on Garibaldi Street...and on and on...

I have real, honest to goodness great friends (you know who you are!)...I have the friends I've met in the novels I've read all my life...and I have my imaginary playmates (the charachters in my own novel) absolutely lovely!!! And no one thinks I'm crazy...well everyone thinks I'm crazy but cute.

If you have any books that you've loved along the way, I would love to hear about them.

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.