Sunday, July 07, 2013


I'd rather be in Tel Aviv meeting my fabulous friend Frances.
I'd rather be sitting in a coffee shop with my mini laptop writing and watching the city start its week.
I'd rather be in the States and Candada with family and friends.

But sometimes a person just has to stay home and get rid of a rotten cold...sniff sniff cough cough.
So, instead of all the above, I'm meeting with my editor as I continue working on the fourth!!! edit of my novel One Veil at a Time.
Shavuah tov!!!
Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Once a week my friend and I try to walk around the zoo...the Biblical Zoo...the one that is five minutes from my house and the most fabulous zoo in the Universe! Ok maybe not in the Universe but it sure is a great zoo!!!

Well this morning, as we usually do on Tuesday mornings, got there just at opening time before nine a.m.

Well...all the staff were standing around and my friend thought that maybe someone important was coming to the zoo. So, I asked. Yup!!! Our President, Shimon Peres was on his way!

We started on our walk up and down and around looking at the magnificently well cared for animals and plants...have you ever been to a zoo where there is not one scrap of paper on the ground?...where the only smell is flowers and grass? where the animals look healthy and happy and little baby animals are everywhere? Well...that's my zoo!

Nu, so all of a sudden the little train that takes the families around the zoo came to a halt near where we were and there he was!!! Rina and me and the President makes three!!! Yahoooo.

I looked over and he looked at me and I waved and he waved back! I was sorry my babies weren't with me!

As I watched him move on in the little train, I thought of how lucky I am. See, I get to walk around the zoo all the time. He only gets to come maybe once in forever!

PS. The man looks great! And powerful!  Like big time!

Shalom Kvod HaNassi! Come back again soon!

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in. 


My oldest grandson, Sweetsy Tootsie woke up this morning singing this song in Yiddish! I tried to transfer the video from my cell phone but don't know how.
This is a lullaby written by Yitzik Manger, one of the most important Yiddish poets of the 20th Century.

                                  Shir Al Etz 
On the road stands a tree,
it stands bent and deserted,
All the birds of that tree
have flown away.

Turn toward the west, turn toward the east,
And the rest - turn toward the south,
And the tree is left alone
abandoned to the storm.

I say to momma--"Listen,
If you don't stand in my way,
then, one and two,
I'll quickly become a bird...

I'll sit in the tree
And lull it
during the winter and comfort it
With a lovely tune.

And momma says, "No, child,"
And weeps bitter tears -
G-d forbid, in the tree
you might freeze.

So I say, "Momma, it's a waste
of your lovely eyes,
Because before you know it,
I'll be a bird."

And momma cries: - Itzik, my Crown,
As G-d would want,
take a scarf with you,
Lest you catch cold.

"Put on your galoshes,
It will be a severe winter.
And take your fur hat, too.
Woe is me!

"And take your warm underwear,
put it on, foolish child,
Lest you become a guest
among the dead...

I lift my wing, but it's hard...
Too much, too many things
Has momma put on
her weak little fledgling.

I look sadly straight forward
into my momma's eyes,
Her love did not allow me
to become a bird...

On the road stands a tree,
it stands bent and deserted,
All the birds of that tree
have flown away.

I haven't heard this song since I was a very young girl. And to hear it sung by my Yiddish!!! in Jerusalem!!! OK, I cried. My little chazzen...tfu tfu tfu!

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.

Monday, July 01, 2013

rosh hashanah challeh with karen goren

Look what I found! Too good to lose so I decided to save it here! Rosh HaShanah here I come!
Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in