Monday, April 15, 2013

Yom HaZikaron 2013

Last night at 8:00 the siren went off marking the beginning of Yom HaZikaron...Remembrance Day for our fallen soldiers who died protecting us, and for the victims of terrorist attacks who...
 In 65 years we have lost 23,085 men women and children!!! Sh' yihiyeh zichram baruch!!! Of blessed memory!!!
This morning at !1:00 another siren will go off.
There are two types of sirens in Israel...a flat one that means we stop everything, get out of our cars or busses...stand at attention and remember. One is for Yom HaShoah...Holocaust Day and the other is today.
The second siren goes up and down, up and down...and that means WAR!
In July, I will be living in Jerusalem for 43 years!!! A lifetime!!! And during those years I have heard both sirens. Both make your blood freeze. Both make you cry. 
My oldest grandson phoned me last night after the siren. He is going to be eleven. Here is the conversation:
Bubbie, did you hear the siren? 
Yes, darling.
Did you stand up?
Yes, darling.
Did you cry, Bubbie?
Yes, darling, I did.
Me too. Bye Bubbie, I love you.
I love you too, darling.
We remember! We will never forget!!!
 My daughter is taking her class of special ed kids to a small cemetery in the heart of the city. They are going to wash the old grave stones and put up a 24 hour memorial candle. Other classes will be at Har Herzl and other places in the city doing the same thing.
I thought a lot about that last night when she told me. How fabulous! How brave! How important! Passing the torch of responsibility to the next generation. How very clever!
So, here I am, sad and remembering in Jerusalem...just like everybody else.
Have a good day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.