Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I wake up happy...ready to start a new day. Everyone else in my house is a grump until they drink their first cup of coffee. I don't know how that happened. The only one like me at all is my sweet, little, almost three year old, Sweetsy Happy. This kid (I think) looks like me and she has my personality...what great fun!

The reason I'm writing this is because I always try to see the glass half full. Life has not always been easy...when is it??? But I have no complaints. As a matter of fact I am very grateful.

For the past year I have been trying to find some emotional quiet space in order to finish the fourth, and hopefully, the last rewrite of my novel Unveiled. It has been sitting there waiting and weighing heavily on me but between my family and students I simply haven't had sufficient blocks of time to let my muse fill my soul so I could soar. is summer!!! Last year I spent two glorious, fabulous, wonderful months in the States and Canada with my family...wowowow what treat that was!!! This year my multi-focal glasses cost the price of a ticket!!! I kid you not. But you don't mess around with your eyes!!! Like Mel Brooks said as Butch Richardson, MY EYES, MY EYES!!!You get the best. So this summer I'm going to be home with very few, if any students and the freedom to sit wherever I want with my mini computer, drinking coffee, writing my blogs and my book! How good is that??? Not so hotsy totsy for the pocket book and ah mechayeh for the neshomeh!!! Ask me if I'm happy.

Yahoooooooo summer!!!

Have a great day...stay safe...and thanks for dropping in.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It has been so long since I blogged and to tell you the truth I missed it. Instead I have been sending out little messages on Facebook every day and that has been fun, but blogging is something else all together.

The truth is that I have been teaching like a crazy fool all year and have not had the quiet emotional space I needed to just sit down and write.

The good news is that summer is here...where the hell did the year go? I'm just ready for winter...sigh...not hot and hotter...sigh again.

So, here's my plan for the coming weeks. Instead of swimming I'm now walking and instead of teaching I am going to be writing!!! Yay it is my turn!!!

More to come as the days go by.

Have a great day...stay safe... and thanks for dropping in.